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Lead Generation Website – 6-Step Checklist Included!

What is a lead generation website?

A lead generation website is usually a website which is designed to generate potential customers by collecting users’ contact information, such as email address, name, phone numbers. To make this absolutely clear: The only purpose of these pages is to generate leads.

Why lead generation websites are used?

Lead generation websites are widely used simply because it works. Often companies have websites that are designed to look visually attractive, but they often lack of real commercial results.

Typically companies have a general homepage on their website, which also is often the target website when running paid advertising campaigns. This causes huge problems, since often different campaigns bring different users with different needs. Lead generation websites are solution to this problem.

A proper way to create visually attractive but converting lead generation pages is to systematically create different pages for different segments and needs. 

Examples of great lead generation websites

It’s not hard to find great examples of well-created landing pages for lead generation. Most of the biggest landing page tool providers keep always optimizing their own landing pages, and it is why I like to show them as examples.

1. Unbounce

Unbounce - Landing page builder

Unbounce is one of our recommended solution for creating landing pages. Unbounce’s home page is designed to convert, well! It basically has all the elements that are needed to make the page convert. The above-the-fold part of the page shows exactly what the website offers.

It also has two clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons that are easy to recognize and click. It has the hook of free trial and also statistics on how much you could improve your conversion rate by using their service. 

Secondly, Unbounce uses social proof to increase trust. Who wouldn’t trust a company that provides its service to over 15 000 companies? 

It has testimonials from existing clients with their real names, photos and company names.

And again, at the bottom of the page you can find another huge CTA button. 

Besides these key elements, Unbounce is using a Chatbot tool to collect leads and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Check Unbounce’s website here to take a look.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages is another lead generation service, that provides a tool to create beautiful but converting lead generation pages. It also has a very well optimized homepage for lead generation. It has a very similar visual look as Unbounce. Let’s analyze it a bit.

Leadpages - Lead generation website builder

Again, also LeadPages has a very clear above-the-fold view on their homepage. They have made it very easy to understand what they are providing, but also very lucrative to immediately try out their free trial. They also give easily an opportunity to watch an informative video of their product. 

When scrolling a bit further, we found a dedicated block to build social proof with their customer’s success story and by telling they have already 40 000 existing clients under their belt.

Next, we see a lot of features shown. This is especially important in the SaaS world. People really are busy, and once they’ve landed on your website and “approved”  the above-the-fold content, they really want to know if the offered solution helps them or not.

At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find more social proof and a huge call-to-action button.

Overall, Leadpages is another great example of how to build a landing page that really works. If you go to their websites (Unbounce, LeadPages), you really can’t find any unnecessary information or content that won’t provide value for a user that wants to create landing pages.

How to create a lead generation website?

There are many ways how you can create your own lead generation pages. Most often people and companies decide to use lead generation softwares to create these landing pages where they redirect customers. These landing page tools are the easiest and cheapest way to do the job unless you have a strong technical background with lots of time. 

Even though you might have capabilities to create landing pages by yourself, it might be worth giving a shot for these landing page tools, since it really requires a lot of work to do manually the work that could be done by these automated tools.

What to consider when creating lead generation websites?

Creating lead generation website is easy. Usually companies do it in a complex way with too much information on the landing pages they build. Here are some tips to consider when building highly converting landing pages.

1. Keep it simple

Creating too complex landing pages is not adviced. When you design your landing pages, make sure that everything you add to the landing page has a real reason to be there. If it doesn’t bring any value or increase trust or credibility, just ditch it.

Often companies tend to stuff too much irrelevant information that just confuses the user. The simpler the better. Above in this article you can find good examples of landing pages, Unbounce and LeadPages. These are not only visually attractive, but also very effective in terms of generating leads.

2. Create converting design

While an ugly looking website can convert, you should still worry about the vibes you give. If you don’t have capabilities to design landing pages yourself, just create them with landing page tools or hire a web designer to do the job. 

3. Bring value

Think outside of the box. Why should user give their information. What do they really get out of it? Nowadays people are tired of spam and they are not willing to give their contact information just to sign-up for a newsletter subscriptions.

Tell users what they are getting and what you provide them! Use lead generation magnets, like free guides, ebooks, free courses or free subscription to use your service. These are something that are valuable in order to give users’ contact information. Would you give yours for nothing? I doubt.

4. Use several Call-to-Action possibilities

Make sure there are several opportunities to opt-in. Nothing is more frustrating than a landing page which is selling and providing value, but it doesn’t simply give an opportunity to sign-up or opt-in when the user is willing to do that.

If you are using landing pages that are full of information, users can completely miss out on your CTAs. Also, if the landing page is a long-form page, you should always put CTAs at the beginning, center, and bottom of the landing page.

5. What is the user’s intent?

This strongly relates to number 2. Think what is the user’s intent on why they ended up in your website. Are they looking for information, a solution to solve their problem or are they already willing to buy something?

Make sure your landing pages answer to the users’ needs. If you’re doing SEO and your keyword for the landing page is “the best audiobook provider”, make sure your landing page is designed to fulfill the user’s need. If the intent is to get information, then just give the information.

6. Use social proof

Always use social proof whatever you promote! People tend to trust you more if you provide any type of credibility or trust by others. Check our article on how to use social proof tools to maximize your conversion rate.

F.A.Q about Lead Generation Websites

What is the best tool to create lead generation websites?

We highly suggest Unbounce. It is definitely one of the best lead generation tools out in the market, and it is also very affordable for business. However, we highly recommend checking our best lead generation tools article we have written. There we have compiled a complete list of the best tools that can be used for this purpose.

Also remember, that nobody can objectively tell what is the best tool for your needs. It depends what features you need and how much you are willing to pay for the tool.

Can lead generation pages be used for startups?

Yes! It is actually a must in case you and your company is serious about generating high-value leads. Nowadays competition is fierce and there are tons of free information on how to do digital marketing. Therefore, we can assure you that your competitors are already using lead generation pages to collect leads. If not, then there’s an opportunity to tackle the competition with ease.

Just bear in mind, that creating these pages is not a magical ticket to success. You really need to work hard in order to find highly converting landing pages and start acquiring traffic to these pages. Landing page creation is the easiest part of this process.

We strongly recommend checking our latest guide we wrote about lead generation for startups. This is very comprehensive and it’s fulfilled with golden information that really is battle-tested.

How can I get free leads?

The most efficient way to get free leads is an effective SEO. This the simplest and easiest way to generate leads for completely free. By creating a proper SEO strategy any company can gain leads very efficiently.

However, it’s worth noting that most of the SEO professionals (and unprofessional) use different SEO tools for keyword research, backlink building, and website SEO analysis. You may be interested to check our article about the best SEO tools for startups and small businesses.

Even though the article is targeted for startups, it applies basically for any small business or blogger who wants to achieve great SEO results.

Conclusion: Lead generation Website

To wrap this up, we want to remind you that there really are no silver bullets. Lead generation is an ongoing process that never ends. By using lead generation website builders, you can very easily simplify this process at affordable prices, but at the end of the day, companies’ biggest problems lie in traffic acquisition.

In order to gain traffic to your website, your options are most likely limited to search engine optimization and paid campaigns on Google, Facebook and display advertising networks.

We highly recommend taking advantage of Unbounce and its alternatives while optimizing your traffic acquisition process.


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