How to create landing pages that convert? – 6-Step Guide!

Everyone struggles to create landing pages that convert. This article helps you to build high-converting landing pages that help you to crush your competition with ease. Since most likely your competitors have no idea how to create them properly, you can get either cheaper conversions (leads or sales) or just get more conversions with the same invested money.

What are the benefits of creating landing pages that convert well?

The answer is simple: If you are spending 1000 dollars per month on advertising on Facebook and your conversion rate is 1% while your cost-per-click stands at $1, you are getting 1000 conversions for the money you invest on Facebook.

What if you could increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2%? By improving your landing pages’ conversion rates, you could double your results. The results might sound extreme, but since nowadays we have all the tools to test and optimize our online performance, these results are very achievable. Who wouldn’t like to double or triple their ROI?

When it comes to landing page conversion optimization, small things matters, we are here to help you.

Landing page statistics

Landing page performance is studied very broadly and since we love data, we want to give you some metrics.

Key Statistics:

Conversion rates by industry – Source: Convertkit

What makes a high converting landing page?

To create a landing page that converts, you should always focus on solving the user’s problems. The same law applies with SEO and landing page conversion rates. 

1. Focus on user intent

Start thinking about what are your target users’ deepest pain points that you are trying to solve. Remember, landing pages are designed to address these specific problems, and every single campaign should have its own landing page.

This is the most important factor that affects whether the landing page converts or not. If the user is searching for a landing page tool, you should provide them a landing page tool or provide them a list of the best landing page tools.

If they are seeking information about vitamin D, then provide the information they are looking.

Professional advice:

If you are using your landing pages for SEO purposes, you need to do keyword research in order to find the best keywords for your landing pages. We highly recommend using SEMrush for keyword research. They have a 14-day free trial available right now. Grab the tool and take advantage of it!

2. Simplicity

Use simple landing pages without too much fluff or unnecessary elements. By leaving space and minimalism, you can make your value proposition even more effective. 

When designing your landing page, you must critically question every single element and its existent. Are those really necessary to be on the landing page? 

3. Usability

In order to maximize your conversion rate, you simply need to pay focus on usability and accessibility of the landing page. Most often the biggest problem with landing pages is their speed. Nobody wants to waste their time on a page that keeps loading and loading. This is also a big factor in SEO rankings and Google prioritizes landing page loading time a lot.

When creating landing pages, you also need to think about how it works with different browsers and devices. Often landing page creators build landing pages with desktop user experience in their mind, but most of your website visitors are probably mobile users.

Another major point is the above-the-fold content. Do not fill the ABF view with huge images or navigation bars, since by removing navigation bar you can gain a HUGE conversion rate increasement.

4. Solve the problem immediately!

People are busy and bored of websites that don’t provide things they went to look for. Optimize your above-the-fold content in a way that makes sense of what you are offering. We often recommend thinking that your grandma would understand what is the value offered when she lands on your landing page.

Do not hide the main value proposition points on the bottom of the page. Make sure the first impact is effective and appealing. 

5. Use Social proof

Every single successful website uses social proof as one of its main conversion optimization strategies. Social proof is not a magical silver bullet that is going to solve all of your conversion rate problems, but it definitely is an element that helps to build trust in the user’s mind.

Once you realize that most of the successful landing pages use social proof, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. It is also worth noting that most of the social proof tools offer a free trial, so it is completely risk-free to test out how much social proof can affect your conversion rate.

6. Exit popups

You have most likely got familiar with exit-intent popups. These are pop up notifications that appear once you are about to leave the page you are visiting. While these might be seen as an annoying and useless method to use, they really are very effective if you think it a bit further.

If a website visitor, for some reason, wants to leave your website, he/she is going to do it. In case you don’t have an exit pop up tool on your website, you might lose the visitor forever! However, if you give him/her a chance to opt-in as an email subscriber, you have a chance to gain a valuable lead.

Most often exit-intent pop-ups are used by offering something so valuable that users don’t want to leave without. This could be a free PDF-guide, an e-book, or a free course that provides valuable information.

If your landing page itself is providing a lot value, the user has its reason to land on to your landing page. If you also manage to create a proper exit-intent hook, you could easily convert people who would anyway exit your website. There is nothing to lose.

How to build a landing page that converts?

Creating converting landing pages is not difficult. You have two options:

1. Use landing page tools

The digital marketing industry has become very efficient with various tools that help you to solve complex tasks and problems with automated tools. When it comes to landing pages, you can use tools like Unbounce to create highly converting landing pages without any programming experience.

With these tools, it is extremely easy to build landing pages that convert. They do not only allow you to create landing pages but also create easily A/B tests with different variables to see what works for your audience.

We created a post of the best landing page tools, which is a must-read if you want to build landing pages and find the best tool for your needs.

2. Create them by yourself

Another option is to use your own skills to create them yourself. This might be a viable option if you or your company have time and resources to do them. However, creating campaign-specific landing pages can be a frustrating process due to the high amount of work it requires.

You need to:

  1. Design the landing pages
  2. Be able to split test different landing page variables
  3. Analyze the results

Again, this can be done with enough skills, but if you have any doubts of managing to do it, we suggest to use existing tools that makes the work for you. Remember, that these landing page tools can cost only like $29 per month while it can save up to tens of hours per month.

How much does it cost to build converting landing pages?

Building landing pages don’t need to be expensive. You might have seen companies that design landing pages, but most of these are simply rubbish that everyone should skip. 

Usually these companies use ready-made templates and charge you hundreds of dollars for each landing page. However, there are, of course, legit companies that really provide what you are looking for.

Our suggestion is to use landing page tools (or create them by yourself), that allow you to create professional and very effective landing pages with cheap rates. Unbounce, for example, costs $72 per month, which is very affordable if you want to run campaigns at a higher scale.

Other options are:

  1. Leadpages – starting from $25 per month – GET A FREE TRIAL
  2. Wishpond – starting from $25 per month – GET A FREE TRIAL
  3. Instapage – starting from $149 per month  – GET A FREE TRIAL
  4. Landigi – Starting from $29 per month  – GET A FREE TRIAL

Summary – Building landing pages that convert

Building well-performing landing pages doesn’t need to be difficult. Even though there are many things you need to take into account, you can easily just follow the checklist we provided above.

To make the process much easier, we recommend using landing page builders since they are very affordable and easy to use while saving tons of time and resources. We truly believe that everyone should invest in tools that help to automate manual work, since every growth-minded company needs to focus on the bottom line and their most productive work instead of tweaking landing pages manually.

Drop a comment below and tell us what are your tips to create landing pages that convert!

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