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Exit-Intent Popups – A Must-Read Guide in 2020

Whether you like it or not, exit-intent popups are one of the most effective ways to generate leads and build your audience. Period. However, while many of us simply hate these annoying distracting popups, it’s worth noting that every single business should at least try how it performs and drives new leads and sales.

As in many cases, there are cold truths and simple answers if you should use it or not, but in this article, we help you to understand the logic behind exit-intent popups and how you could even double your revenue just by using this effective lead generation method.

After reading this comprehensive article about exit-intent popups, you will have a great understanding of how to use this lead generation method and how to implement it in your business.

What is exit-intent popup?

An exit-intent popup is one type of an overlay that gets displayed when the user is navigating out of your website. The purpose of an exit-intent popup is to convince the user not to leave, but instead offer something valuable in return to get their contact details, such as an email address, name, and/or mobile phone number.

These popups are often used in various types of businesses, but mostly in eCommerce sites and other sites that are selling or providing products and services. The main logic behind this exit popup is to give the user their last chance to interact with the website, instead of just letting them go with a risk of losing the visitor forever.

Most businesses that are using exit-intent popups understand well their website user behavior and acknowledge the fact that once the user is going to leave the site, this might be the last time they manage to be in contact with each other. 

Therefore, an exit-intent feature gives the business an opportunity to maximize their sales and lead volume without basically any risks or other downsides.

Do exit-intent popups work?

Short answer: Yes, they work very well! We have managed to increase our lead generation conversion rates significantly after we started using exit-intent popups instead of “traditional” popups.

Also, we’ve managed to increase our clients’ lead generation operations by two or even three-digit percentages by implementing exit-intent ads with great lead magnets.

How to use exit-intent popups properly?

Here are some most used strategies to utilize exit-intent popups in practical level

  • Product page
  • Cart abandonment: Use an exit popup when the user is about to exit from your eCommerce site. You may offer lucrative offers, such as free shipping, discounts or even free add-on products if the user buys your product
  • Landing pages: Use an additional sales hook to keep the user on your landing page. With a proper value proposition, you might even try out different selling angle to keep the user on your website.
  • Spin-wheel popup: Spin-wheel popups are very effective in eCommerce sites. This is a gamified lead generation method that allows the user to have a chance to win discounts, free shipping, or whatever you want to provide.
  • Price Alert: With a price alert popup you can provide a small (or high) discount by giving the user a chance to convert with a price (lower profit margin for your business). While this might now sound very attractive for you, remember that this is shown only for the user who would leave anyway.

All of these strategies have a few things in common. First, these are highly targeted for your users and their pain points. Secondly, these strategies are also providing real value for the user. Thirdly, they are shown for users that are about to leave your site anyway.

Next, we are going to show you the best exit-intent popup softwares that will skyrocket your conversion rate, even overnight!

Best exit-intent popup softwares

There are tons of different tools that help you to build highly-converting exit-intent popups on your website. Many of them are simple opt-in bars that allow you to use lead magnets to collect users’ email addresses. On the other hand, some of the available tools offer you to use gamified lead generation tactics, like the “spin-wheel” feature that is very interactive and engaging.


Optinmonster is probably the most known lead capturing tool which by using you can create efficient exit-intent popups, but also much more. Optinmonster works perfectly with any popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) and is very affordable for any business sizes.

Key Features

  • Mobile-friendly tools
  • Multiple different form types
  • Ready-made templates
  • A/B Testing
  • List Segmentation


OptinMonster offers three types of subscription models. The most basic model starts from $9 / month, and it has all the essential tools to build a highly-converting lead capture system for any website. More advanced plans obviously come with more features in them. 

OptinMonster doesn’t offer a free trial, but they offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Try OptinMonster now.


Omnikick is another professional lead generation and opt-in tool to create highly converting pop up notifications to collect exit-intent leads. In their words, Omnikick allows you to convert engaged, targeted and abandoning users into subscribers and customers with ease. 

They have many golden features for various types of businesses, such as full-screen exit intent, slider opt-in box, and much more. Their tool does not only allow you to collect customer data but also uses the power of viral marketing as an advantage. After you collect users’ contact information, you can also give users a hook to share your content and like your social media pages.

Key Features

  • Very efficient opt-in tools with various type of opt-in possibilities
  • Feature to ask your visitors to share your content
  • A/B testing
  • Retargeting – allows you to efficiently retarget users who opted-in
  • Integrations with the most popular email service providers
  • Works with any popular CMS and eCommerce platforms


Omnikick has three different pricing models based on your usage. Its cheapest plan starts from $25/month with one site. It has all the needed features to launch an exit-intent popup campaign. The more expensive plans are suited for businesses that need to use the tool for several websites and need more advanced features. 


The best part of Omnikick is that they offer a risk-free trial. You don’t need to make a purchasing decision yet, but just try out and immediately see how valuable their tool is. 


Privy is one of the most popular eCommerce lead generation tool, that allows eCommerce type of businesses to collect email and mobile lists. Even though their software is designed especially for eCommerce businesses, any kind of business that generates leads can gain massive value from it.

Privy has over 18 000 5-star reviews on Shopify, so it’s one of the most reputable and used lead generation tools in the eCommerce industry. Besides lead generation, they also have in-built email and SMS marketing features in it.

Key Features

  • Spin-to-win wheels: Very effective, gamified and engaging lead generation method
  • An in-built email marketing tool
  • Integrated A/B testing
  • Advanced targeting
  • Very easy to use
  • Ready-made templates


Privy’s convert tool has a very simple and straightforward pricing model. The price depends on how many websites views you have on a monthly basis. Their tool is free up to 5000 page views per month, and 10k views cost only $10 per month. The higher the website view count you have, the lower the relative price will be. 

You can try Privy for free – Grab your free trial here.


Justuno is an AI-powered lead capturing tool, which also provides lead nurturing features. Jusuno’s main area of focus is at providing SMB companies a powerful tool to capture leads.

Justuno works perfectly with any major CMS or eCommerce platform. They have been doing great work by creating one of the most intelligent lead capturing tools for eCommerce customers. However, it’s worth noting that their software suits well for any other business outside of the eCommerce industry.

Key Features

  • Powerful exit-popup tool
  • Upselling and cross-selling features
  • Powerful integrations
  • Very detailed analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Audience segmentation
  • On-site messaging 


Just like Privy, Justuno offers different plans based on the traffic volume you have on your website. Their cheapest plan starts from $25 which allows you to have 10 000 website sessions per month. 


Just like the other tools, Justuno offers a free trial for 14 days. Take a look by clicking here.


Optimonk is an Award-winning platform to turn unidentified website visitors into leads and customers. Their powerful tool is built to grow your email lists, reduce cart abandonment, and increase your sales immediately right away.

Optimonk has already over 40,000+ loyal customers who love their product. Despite their large customer number, they provide their service to all sizes of businesses, from startups to larger corporations.

Optimonk offers over 200 ready-made templates, but it also gives you free hands to design your own opt-in plugins and lead generation hooks.

Key Features

  • Drag & drop editor
  • Multi-step campaigns
  • Over 200 Ready-made templates
  • Extensive reporting
  • Facebook messenger builder


Optimonk has a free plan, which is available for sites that have a maximum of 3000 page views. They also have three different paid plans, where the price depends on the features and page view volume. The essential plan starts at $29/ month which includes 25.000 page views per month. Check the full pricing from an image below:


Poptin is another great software for lead generation. As its name says, Poptin’s main features are built around the popups, but it also has features fo embedded forms and autoresponder to send emails for your new leads. 


From pricing perspective, Poptin has very similar pricing models with Privy and Justuno. However, Poptin’s development team is very fast with its new features and Poptin might provide some exclusive features that you won’t find from other service providers.


Poptin offers a free trial without a credit card needed. Just register your account and launch your first iteration in couple of minutes!

Examples of exit-intent popups

Next, we are showing you how many ways you can utilitize exit-intent popups and increase your leads and sales, even over-night!

1. Generate more demo bookings

Zendesk is a company that provides software for HR purposes. When you visit their website and attempt to exit their website, you’ll face an exit-intent popup that offers you a free demo call.

The way this works is obvious. Instead of letting people leave, Zendesk gives the user one chance to opt-in right before leaving their website. If they wouldn’t use this kind of lead generation method, they most likely would leave money on the table and lose at least tens of thousands of sales.

Lesson: Do not leave any money on the table. At least try how exit-intent can affect on your sales!

2. Grow your email list by web page spesific segmentation

You might have heard something about Tim Ferriss, the best-selling author. Tim is using exit-intent in a very aggressive and systematic way by targeting and showing different types of exit-popups based on the web page the user is browsing at the moment.

Tim Ferriss using exit-intent popups on his blog.

On his homepage, Tim uses very generic type of lead magnet (An ebook), but if you are browsing his business-related pages, you will most likely see lead magnets that are targeted for business-minded people.

Lesson:  Use a lead magnet that specifically resonates with your audience. If you have a generic website, you might need to use vague and generic lead magnets in order to collect your visitors’ contact information. However, the more specific pages you have, the more specific lead magnets you can create.

3. Offer a discount while building your email list

John Crazy Socks is an eCommerce store that sells amazingly designed socks. We know this might not be your industry or personal interest, but John managed to build over 12 000 subscribers by offering discounts with Privy’s amazing lead generation tool.

Lesson: Always provide value! Use lead magnets that resonate with your audience. You don’t need to offer your audience a 100% discount, but even a small discount can make a huge difference.

Cons of exit-intent popups 

While these exit-intent popup tools are very efficient in terms of lead generation, some of the users can perceive this type of advertising intrusive and annoying. Even though we highly recommend at least testing this type of lead generation, it’s worth considering if it suits your brand and values. 

Alternatives for exit popups

In case you already use this type of lead generation or just simply don’t even want to give it a try, we have compiled another article about the best lead generation tools. Besides exit intent lead generation, there are tons of other effective ways to generate leads and customers without showing interruptive popups.

The softwares we listed above offer a lot of different options to collect leads in other ways too. Often companies don’t rely only on one type of lead generation, but instead, they use a mix of them. The best strategy is to test out what works in your industry and specifically for your business.

Generally speaking, nowadays lead generation requires either strong lead magnets or very engaged audience if you are going to collect your audience’s contact information. In case you don’t want to show your users annoying popups, you can always use dedicated landing pages where you direct your users.

Check our article about the best landing page tools, if you are serious about creating landing pages that convert.


Does exit intent work on mobile?

Yes! Exit intent works perfectly well on mobile. With our consultancy clients, we’ve actually noticed better results on mobile compared to desktop users. The reason for this might be that desktop users can more easily just close the window and become “banner-blind” for the popups they see.

How big effect exit-intent popups can have on conversion rates?

The results of exit-intent popups and lead generation depend heavily on the value you offer. If you just throw a popup window with a simple form to fill, no-one will submit their information. However, you are able to offer value and ask users’ contact details in return, you most likely can even double your conversion rate.

On our sites, we have managed to increase our conversion rate by 70% (Yes, 70%) just by implementing an exit-intent offer in a proper way that provides value. We strongly believe that you can increase your conversion rate by two-digit percentage with ease if you do the work and optimize it for your audience.

What is the cheapest exit-intent tool?

In case you are on a budget, a free (or cheap) option is more than needed. From the cheapest tools, we highly recommend using Privy since it’s completely free if you are running a small business with under 5000 page views per month. Even Privy’s paid plans are very affordable, and the best part of Privy is, that for a small extra price you’ll get an in-built email marketing software.


Thoughts of exit-intent popups vary from hate to endless love. Regardless of your opinion, it is obvious that exit-intent popup is a very efficient lead and sales generation method. While this method might be perceived as annoying, we always like to remind that majority of American people are already annoyed by ads they see. If you are doing any type of marketing, we strongly recommend at least trying every type of marketing that might bring tremendous results.

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